One of the greatest hidden truths not being told to the people in this country is about the US dollar and where the illegal money is being hidden. We all have heard of Switzerland and the Vatican banks, but not how they operate. I have to say, I do not know how they operate. But, the only thing that needs to happen is a change of currency and not allow the money to be wire transferred back in the system, until it is proven to be legal money. Doing this would take a large chunk of money away from the criminals and would not effect the average law abiding citizen in this country.  Once this is done, then the illegal money could be taken off the nations debt  which would give the American people a surplus and also make the money we have in our bank accounts worth so much more. The only people who would not want this to happen would be the criminals in this World. The thing is the only people that would truly be effected would be the people hiding their illegal money in overseas bank accounts and the people who could not prove where they had acquired the money. I think it is time to stop making crime profitable and make it a law to change the money every four years, so that it makes it at least harder to profit from crime. The last estimate I heard was in 2008 and it was that there is over 40 trillion dollars held in those accounts, most likely much more today. Many countries are in the same position, but their governments like ours instead just keep this little secret hidden and continue to allow the situation to continue on. Most of the money comes from the illegal drug operations run by certain groups in each country and the large corporations hiding their true wealth. I personnel do not see this happening in our present government, but if the next group that ends up running this countries government do nothing about this situation, do not expect things to get better for the people of this the United States of America or for  the people in the rest of the World.


1946 Archive Film Proves Despotism Has Taken Over America [Video]

1946 Archive Film Proves Despotism Has Taken Over America [Video]. I found this video on disclose tv, a web site that has numerous topic’s ranging from the present to the distant past. After catching my attention mostly because of the date,  I was surprised to find that some of this video was made by our own government. The video has a very clear message and warning to Americans, plus any other free society about the dangers of a government out of control; this is quite clearly stated in this film.  A must watch for the person wanting to better understand the times that we all live in and a good starting point to finding a solution to the problem with our government, today.

The Shepherds Chapel

One of the few things I still watch on television, I wanted to let everyone know about this program. The show is based entirely on the  King James Bible, with the honorable Pastor Arnold Murray and his son Dennis Murray reading from the Bible, but more importantly explaining the meanings behind the words; verse by verse. I have personally found the show to be a wealth of knowledge and has opened up the way for me to better understand the Bible. The format does not have all the singing and talk which I truly am glad is not part of show; just the meat of the word. I have been a faithful watcher for only about four years now, but my knowledge of the Bible grows every single time I watch The Shepherds Chapel.  This is just a small token of my appreciation to a family that is giving to the World; the word of GOD. thank you Pastor Arnold and Dennis Murray  

The Power of the Mainstream Media

I have been wondering why all of the sudden our government wants to put monitors inside the news collection offices. I believe, if that day happens it will be day the United States Constitution becomes just a piece of paper. The attack on the United States Constitution is an attack on everyone. We the people will have to stand up for the Mainstream Media, because if you just say I never watch that junk anyway and do not care, remember that when they bust your door in and no one cares.

Well now that it has been over three weeks and not another word about any censorship or government monitors being placed in the mainstream media’s meetings.  I would have to believe it is safe to say that story was a sorry attempt to draw attention away and to counter what was really happening that week; NSA shout out. The funny thing is I was hoping that they would push this agenda, but the powers be must have realized they where painting themselves into a corner. L.O.L

Antarctica, not forgotten

   I thought very little was known about or even was  happening in Antarctica, I seemed to remember being told while going to school that the ice covering Antarctica was millions of years old. I found out that was all wrong. That was in 2009, since I had  wondered for many years what is underneath the ice, but being such a hard place to visit, I figured not very much was going on down there, but to my surprise, I found many very interesting things about Antarctica. I learned that the ice was covering many large fresh water lakes and forests and plants that still had their leaves, this lead me to remember other strange stories about  Mammoths in Siberia with buttercups in their mouths that where frozen in their tracks. This would have only happened if the Earth somehow moved on its axis very quickly. I know I have no proof, but I  have always figured that Antarctica is the old continent known as Atlantis. I also found that many countries are doing a lot of research in  Antarctica  and also using different types of telescopes to look into space. I found this all seemed logical, but it did lead me to wonder  way go through all of the hassle using telescopes in such a nasty place and bad weather, when a satellite  could do the job a lot easier.  Well,  from what I have seen from our governments is that there is clear objective to  hide information, so I figure they have found what I believe has been there along. I was lucky to get some private photographs of telephone poles placed twenty years ago at a base in Antarctica and also recent photographs of the same telephone poles. Well, in twenty years the telephone poles had to be replaced because the ice had built up; twenty or so feet. The person who sent me the photographs, only told me to do the math, that is it. The person did give me the  depth of the ice and how many years ago the telephone poles were installed. I came up with a number of that would go back to around the time of Noah’s Flood. The land was inhabitable and if it was closer to the equator back then, that would have made it very possible for humans to travel from one continent to the next.  I believe the ancient world was very aware of Antarctica and the only thing lost about the continent is our understanding about what had happened at that time.

All stories start somewhere and this one starts after the crucifixion of
the Lord Jesus Christ and then takes you quickly through time to the
1900’s. Then in the year 1910, an expedition financed by a group of
wealthy Germans to Antarctica finds ancient devices that they believe
to be alien technology. Then ten years later, an ancient book is found
in the Vatican underground catacombs that contains lost informationCOVER copy
about Earth’s hidden past is revealed to the same group of wealthy men. The group then sends expeditions all around the world to the different sites described in the book to try and locate more ancient technology. Only one of the sites contains alien technology that is then taken back to Germany to be studied. The technology is kept a secret from the world and only a hand full of people know that it exists. Then shortly before the war ends in Europe the “Organization” is discovered and most of the people who know about alien deices are taken to the United States to work on the atomic bomb. One of the people that knows about the devices is Hans Smitz, he then becomes the leader of the “Organization”. After the war, Smitz changes his name to John Smith and he goes on one more expedition to look for more
alien technology, but ends up finding lost relics from Jesus Christ’s
crucifixion. The discovery is kept a secret and Smith is the only person
that knows what was found. Then as time goes by one of the alien
devices is reverse engineered and it reveals Earths hidden past. Most of
the technology that we use today was later developed from the devices
and machines.

chemtrails, the day i looked up

That was in 2008, I was told by a friend that we where being sprayed by aircraft, I did not believe it, because it was something that just does not happen, without the news or anyone saying something, you would think. Well, the next day, I remembered what he had told me, so I was looking for this spraying that was being done in the skies. I watched from a balcony at home, drinking a beer and was amazed that I had not noticed this happening myself. I worked outsides most of my life and I had seen jet trails many times, but I never noticed what he was talking about, I was really surprised to see, plane after plane leaving long trails and the sky clouding up, then the question I had was why. Well, if you know anything about trying to find out what is going on through the government, you would have been told nothing was happening or atmosphere conditions was the cause. I know what I was seeing was there, so I knew I was being lied too. Today, some people still do not know that this is happening, I really do not know how they could, but I still meet people that do not know about this issue. This is just my opinion, but I believe it will not be long before the truth comes out and I would bet it will involve the same old reasons, greed, power, land.