The book “The Other People” the End of the Beginning is my first attempt ever to write a book, I am still working on editing the next part. Now that I have more time to write, I am planning to have the second book done sometime in the next couple months. I think that will also give me enough time to get started on the third part. I choose this subject matters because I felt it was very interesting, combining as many of the so-called conspiracy subjects as I could that people today are interested in learning more about, like such things as, aliens, Bible prophecy, space and technology. I am trying to use dates and well-known events and people from history, just for a timeline and focusing on a fictional character I named “John Smith”. I hope my attempt to show how Bible prophecy is still coming true will make you ask some questions of your own, and I hope I can answer a few and also have you asking more questions after you read the next book. The first part of the story encompasses the reason and roles of a few people who conceal hidden information and relics of Jesus Christ and advanced technology. The person who “John Smith” ends up with the relics in 1948, becomes the leader of a powerfully Organization, that later grows into one of the Worlds largest Corporations in the future. The first thing that you have to understood is that most things happen for a reason and as you read the story, it we make more sense. “All things start small”.
I never read the Bible until I started looking into some of these subjects that I mentioned earlier and I listened and studied with the Shepard Chapel, thank you, after finding out that things that are happening today in the World was foretold in the Bible. I knew that Bible prophecy needed to be a part of the story. So, after a lot of studying, I knew that a story like this is usually just about the three greatest temptations to humans, power, greed and lust. I suspect that is what would drive or motivate these people in real life, but I realized the story could be told without going into great detail over those motives. I am hoping that people would understand that those things are the basic motive for most of the people in a story and I would only be explaining that behavior and I wanted to write about how, what and why. The first thing, I realized there had to be a “how” and that was the people running the banks, governments, secret military and a secret group who was giving the orders. When I wondered “why”, I realized that there was nothing bigger than life, okay that was it, extended lives using technology. Then seeing “what” is happening today, I believe mind control or mass media has a lot to do with what is going on in the World at this time. So, I started thinking, what kind of things needed to happen “before” people would accept being ruled by a one world government or organization, I felt that would have to be done over a great length of time, then all of a sudden people would have to decide, because of some kind of man-made problem, then the people will be forced into a quick decision based on fear. The next question, I needed to answer was what happens next, then that lead me back to Bible prophecy. In the end, I came to the conclusion that truth is stranger than fiction. While researching the story, one fact that stood out to me, after President Kennedy was killed, some kind of secret “Organization” was in the background calling the shots and is still to this day. I also noticed that a lot of the actual people involved or even running most of these “secret projects” in the United States after World War Two where German Nationals. After spending countless hours reading and looking at videos about the various types of projects these people were working on in the 1950’s and 60’s, I started seeing a pattern, each project had many Nationals from many countries involved with the early development of the United States bio-weapon and medical, nuclear projects, jet and space program and radar and telecommunication systems. I believe more than a little “social networking” was going on and if you carefully listen to President Eisenhower and Kennedy’s speeches about their fears for America, maybe they seen the same thing. Each one of these projects was funded and paid with American Tax Dollars for our protection, I believe that is a term used by the mafia or a criminal organization. Now today with the internet, most people who want to know about many of these things are able to see for themselves in a matter of minutes, but we are seeing talk already about BIG BROTHER telling you what you should know or not know. The mainstream media has had almost 70 years learning their craft, steering people in the direction they want. I hope you enjoy your SUPER BOWL commercials.

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