chemtrails, the day i looked up

That was in 2008, I was told by a friend that we where being sprayed by aircraft, I did not believe it, because it was something that just does not happen, without the news or anyone saying something, you would think. Well, the next day, I remembered what he had told me, so I was looking for this spraying that was being done in the skies. I watched from a balcony at home, drinking a beer and was amazed that I had not noticed this happening myself. I worked outsides most of my life and I had seen jet trails many times, but I never noticed what he was talking about, I was really surprised to see, plane after plane leaving long trails and the sky clouding up, then the question I had was why. Well, if you know anything about trying to find out what is going on through the government, you would have been told nothing was happening or atmosphere conditions was the cause. I know what I was seeing was there, so I knew I was being lied too. Today, some people still do not know that this is happening, I really do not know how they could, but I still meet people that do not know about this issue. This is just my opinion, but I believe it will not be long before the truth comes out and I would bet it will involve the same old reasons, greed, power, land.  


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