Antarctica, not forgotten

   I thought very little was known about or even was  happening in Antarctica, I seemed to remember being told while going to school that the ice covering Antarctica was millions of years old. I found out that was all wrong. That was in 2009, since I had  wondered for many years what is underneath the ice, but being such a hard place to visit, I figured not very much was going on down there, but to my surprise, I found many very interesting things about Antarctica. I learned that the ice was covering many large fresh water lakes and forests and plants that still had their leaves, this lead me to remember other strange stories about  Mammoths in Siberia with buttercups in their mouths that where frozen in their tracks. This would have only happened if the Earth somehow moved on its axis very quickly. I know I have no proof, but I  have always figured that Antarctica is the old continent known as Atlantis. I also found that many countries are doing a lot of research in  Antarctica  and also using different types of telescopes to look into space. I found this all seemed logical, but it did lead me to wonder  way go through all of the hassle using telescopes in such a nasty place and bad weather, when a satellite  could do the job a lot easier.  Well,  from what I have seen from our governments is that there is clear objective to  hide information, so I figure they have found what I believe has been there along. I was lucky to get some private photographs of telephone poles placed twenty years ago at a base in Antarctica and also recent photographs of the same telephone poles. Well, in twenty years the telephone poles had to be replaced because the ice had built up; twenty or so feet. The person who sent me the photographs, only told me to do the math, that is it. The person did give me the  depth of the ice and how many years ago the telephone poles were installed. I came up with a number of that would go back to around the time of Noah’s Flood. The land was inhabitable and if it was closer to the equator back then, that would have made it very possible for humans to travel from one continent to the next.  I believe the ancient world was very aware of Antarctica and the only thing lost about the continent is our understanding about what had happened at that time.


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