The Power of the Mainstream Media

I have been wondering why all of the sudden our government wants to put monitors inside the news collection offices. I believe, if that day happens it will be day the United States Constitution becomes just a piece of paper. The attack on the United States Constitution is an attack on everyone. We the people will have to stand up for the Mainstream Media, because if you just say I never watch that junk anyway and do not care, remember that when they bust your door in and no one cares.

Well now that it has been over three weeks and not another word about any censorship or government monitors being placed in the mainstream media’s meetings.  I would have to believe it is safe to say that story was a sorry attempt to draw attention away and to counter what was really happening that week; NSA shout out. The funny thing is I was hoping that they would push this agenda, but the powers be must have realized they where painting themselves into a corner. L.O.L


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