1946 Archive Film Proves Despotism Has Taken Over America [Video]

1946 Archive Film Proves Despotism Has Taken Over America [Video]. I found this video on disclose tv, a web site that has numerous topic’s ranging from the present to the distant past. After catching my attention mostly because of the date,  I was surprised to find that some of this video was made by our own government. The video has a very clear message and warning to Americans, plus any other free society about the dangers of a government out of control; this is quite clearly stated in this film.  A must watch for the person wanting to better understand the times that we all live in and a good starting point to finding a solution to the problem with our government, today.


One thought on “1946 Archive Film Proves Despotism Has Taken Over America [Video]

  1. I watched the video and we are the frog in the pot headed towards boiling. This is one more reason I speak of being a Winter Soldier. Despotism is growing, and eventually the water will boil and we better be strong in our Lord as these times develop. As despotism develops, we must develop even more so in our Lord. I think the key to that for us today, is coming to an even greater understanding of the Holy Spirit. That is the direction my messages are headed.
    Despotism being a ruler who wants to exercise absolute power and authority, this is the spirit of Antichrist. It has been in the earth for a long time, and the Spirit of God has always been the arch enemy of the spirit of Antichrist. We are the Church, and we fight that spirit through the power of our Christ in the Holy Spirit. But what exactly does that look like? Is it simply casting a vote on election day? We must change the hearts and souls of society. That is the work of God’s Church. When the “SALT RATIO”, the balance between the godly and ungodly gets to far out of balance, look out, judgment cometh!

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