One of the greatest hidden truths not being told to the people in this country is about the US dollar and where the illegal money is being hidden. We all have heard of Switzerland and the Vatican banks, but not how they operate. I have to say, I do not know how they operate. But, the only thing that needs to happen is a change of currency and not allow the money to be wire transferred back in the system, until it is proven to be legal money. Doing this would take a large chunk of money away from the criminals and would not effect the average law abiding citizen in this country.  Once this is done, then the illegal money could be taken off the nations debt  which would give the American people a surplus and also make the money we have in our bank accounts worth so much more. The only people who would not want this to happen would be the criminals in this World. The thing is the only people that would truly be effected would be the people hiding their illegal money in overseas bank accounts and the people who could not prove where they had acquired the money. I think it is time to stop making crime profitable and make it a law to change the money every four years, so that it makes it at least harder to profit from crime. The last estimate I heard was in 2008 and it was that there is over 40 trillion dollars held in those accounts, most likely much more today. Many countries are in the same position, but their governments like ours instead just keep this little secret hidden and continue to allow the situation to continue on. Most of the money comes from the illegal drug operations run by certain groups in each country and the large corporations hiding their true wealth. I personnel do not see this happening in our present government, but if the next group that ends up running this countries government do nothing about this situation, do not expect things to get better for the people of this the United States of America or for  the people in the rest of the World.


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