All stories start somewhere and this one starts after the crucifixion of
the Lord Jesus Christ and then takes you quickly through time to the
1900’s. Then in the year 1910, an expedition financed by a group of
wealthy Germans to Antarctica finds ancient devices that they believe
to be alien technology. Then ten years later, an ancient book is found
in the Vatican underground catacombs that contains lost informationCOVER copy
about Earth’s hidden past is revealed to the same group of wealthy men. The group then sends expeditions all around the world to the different sites described in the book to try and locate more ancient technology. Only one of the sites contains alien technology that is then taken back to Germany to be studied. The technology is kept a secret from the world and only a hand full of people know that it exists. Then shortly before the war ends in Europe the “Organization” is discovered and most of the people who know about alien deices are taken to the United States to work on the atomic bomb. One of the people that knows about the devices is Hans Smitz, he then becomes the leader of the “Organization”. After the war, Smitz changes his name to John Smith and he goes on one more expedition to look for more
alien technology, but ends up finding lost relics from Jesus Christ’s
crucifixion. The discovery is kept a secret and Smith is the only person
that knows what was found. Then as time goes by one of the alien
devices is reverse engineered and it reveals Earths hidden past. Most of
the technology that we use today was later developed from the devices
and machines.